CIRTEMO's Multivariate Optical Element Platform

Multivariate Optical Computing (MOC) is an alternative method for modeling optical spectra and is mostly achieved by refinement of optical interference structures called Multivariate Optical Elements (MOE). The MOE performs the optical equivalent of a dot product in which simple optical systems may achieve the sensitivity/specificity of a laboratory grade spectrometer.

CIRTEMO Partners

CIRTEMO primarily partners with Optical Filter Manufacturers (OFMs) and Optical Component and System Manufacturers (OCSMs). Our Multivariate Optical Element platform allows OFMs and OCSMs the ability to differentiate their offerings with a well-protected IP position to enable their customers to tackle new applications that are not possible with traditional optical filters and coatings.

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CIRTEMO wins National Science Foundation Grant

Multivariate Optical Element innovator CIRTEMO announced today that the company has won a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant award. The NSF awarded the prestigious grant to fund the development of a new Multivariate Optical Element (MOE) technology platform for fluorescence biomarker applications. The project, to be completed under the supervision of CIRTEMO’s Chief Technology Officer Dr. Ryan Priore, aims to combine the data collection and processing steps of a traditional multivariate chemical analysis into a single step via an all-optical computing technology with little to no moving parts. The result, said Priore, will have “superior spectroscopic discrimination performance as compared to traditional band pass filter techniques. This project’s impact and commercial potential will be broad.”

CIRTEMO to Unveil MOE Platform for Fluorochrome Discrimination

CIRTEMO announced today that the company will unveil an updated Multivariate Optical Element (MOE) platform for fluorochrome discrimination version 2.0 at the 2013 American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) annual meeting. The trade show, to be held in New Orleans’ Ernest N. Morial Convention Center from December 14 through 17, is the largest annual meeting of research cell biologists in the world. “After our first fluorochrome discrimination platform launched early this year, CIRTEMO’s partners and customers provided valuable insight into the capabilities they are looking for in optical filters for their instruments and research,” said Jason Williamson, CIRTEMO founder. “The imaging and excitation capabilities recently added to our fluorochrome discrimination platform are significant for cell researchers, instrument and diagnostic manufacturers alike,” said Dr. Ryan Priore, CIRTEMO’s CTO.

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